Sustainability Report

The Online Cruise Management Course took place between October 18 and November 4, 20211, and was attended by 60 students from Poland, Sweden, Germany and Russia. The classes were conducted by seven lecturers (from GMU and HOST), as well as five external industry experts. The thematic scope covered the following ten modules:

1)  Consumer research in the cruise industry;

2)  Cooperation & team training;

3)  Cruise industry overview;

4)  Cruise Operations Management & Port Authorities;

5)  Cruise Passenger Behaviour & Customer Service;

6)  Cruise ships entrance check-in & documents;

7)  Cruise ships pre-visit checks, approaching, anchoring & berthing;

8)  Developing tourist packages for cruise travellers;

9)  External technical services & supply & documents;

10)  Tourism Destination Management.

We encourage you to download the report and familiarize yourself with all the content.

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