Pro and contra about cruise business in local newspaper

AIDA and the regional shipyards want to receive enormous state aid in order to be able to survive the structural and the pandemic crisis.

1.) Aida Cruisis presents with regard to carbon dioxide emissions per day and person in 2019: 55,2 kg. A working commuters emission by car is generated in distance Hamburg-Bremen (2x 125 km) = 80 Kg CO2.

2.) Old, conventional cruise ships are bad from a climate point of view, but: “from 2021, for example, all cruise ships that want to go on tour in the Baltic Sea must have desulphurization systems and filter sulphur dioxide from the exhaust gases. Many shipping companies would already have so-called scrubbers that filter fine dust and soot out of the exhaust gases. The CO2 problem remains “.

3.) Liquid gas LNG is being discussed and advertised as an alternative fuel. “But: if the LNG has to be transported halfway around the world in order to be bunkered, it will ruin the balance sheet,” says Professor Dr. Thiemke from Flensburgs University of Applied Sciences.

4.) Thiemke: “With the help of clean electricity from wind farms, hydrogen could be generated – and in further steps – with CO2from the air – methane. That could be burned as synthetic liquefied gas on board. That would be theoretically climate-neutral. (Rostock will go this way – so the long term strategy under discussion in relation to heating and energy policy in general – see attchement 2; Paulius do you remember our Interreg-windenergy projects?

5.) AIDA Cruises makes an annual contribution to the overall economy of € 209.2 million in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and is directly and indirectly responsible for approx. 1,800 collectively paid jobs.

6.) € 29 million was spent in 2019 by cruise passengers who came to Rostock-Warnemünde on 196 ships, which means approx. € 43 / passenger for the benefit of Rostock shops, restaurants and service providers. For port, broker and pilotage fees, the sum of € 17 million came together in Rostock.

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