Johanna meets UBC – Re-visit of Rostock city harbour, evaluation of latest developments and update on future plans

On the eve of the UBC meeting, an evaluation of the workshop results from the previous Johann project took place – the city harbour was visited again with planners from the Baltic Sea region. On Monday, Robert Strauß presented the current Buga plans, which are intended to make the city harbour and the adjacent areas (the so-called “Rostock Oval”) more attractive for residents and guests. In May 2017, local and international experts jointly developed ideas on how to make listed inner-city harbours more inviting. A complex task.  The suggestions made by experts at the time have been incorporated into the current plans .

We encourage you to read the article by Mr. Robert Strauss “BUGA Rostock 2025 Engine for city development in Rostock? Concrete concepts develop from the idea! ”

You can download it below.

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