Sustainable small cruise development in the South Baltic Sea – EU Project JOHANNA develops education programs in South Baltic destinations to increase skilled workforce

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Main aim of EU Project JOHANNA is to better qualify different target groups with tailor made qualification and training modules. The latter links up with former project JOHANN ( which implemented small cruise ship products in the South Baltic Sea. However, it has been observed that a lack of qualified staff in the area becomes a risk factor for a long-term successful economic development. 

Apart from professional guide training a cruise management university education will be developed covering topics as city and port development, marketing, tourism, cruise business. Students and school graduates will be qualified as cruise managers being responsible for developing the cruise business in South Baltic destinations and retrain other staff in the business. 

Both will strengthen the tourist sector, attract new qualified people and prevent emigration by opening new job perspectives for young people. Only if more skilled workforce will be available the development will be sustainable and cruise lines will not exclude South Baltic destinations from their itineraries again. 


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Johanna started in August 2019 and will last for three years. Involved partners are City of Rostock (Lead), City of Wismar, Municipality of Karlskrona, Mukran Port, Gdynia Maritime University, Media Dizajn, Public institution Strategic Self-Management Institute and University of Applied Sciences Stralsund. Baltic University Programme is one of seven associated organisations involved. Among others we will support the promotion of cruise management course among our vast network of universities and other institutes laying the ground for its implementation at universities or universities of applied sciences beyond JOHANNA.

1. Hanseatic City of Rostock

2. Hanseatic City of Wismar

3. Municipality of Karlskrona

4. Gdynia Maritime University

5. Mukran Port

6. Strategic Self-Management Institute

7. University of Applied sciences Stralsund

8. Media Dizajn



Sustainability Report

The Online Cruise Management Course took place between October 18 and November 4, 20211, and was attended by 60 students from Poland, Sweden, Germany and Russia. The

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